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Custom Name ornaments (box of 8)

Custom Name ornaments (box of 8)

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What does christmas means to you? 🎄

For us is a time to gather with our loved ones: family, friends or better yet: chosen family. We have always thought on a way of making christmas a little bit more special, keeping it traditional 🤩


What a better way to make the holidays feel more special that putting the names of your loved ones on the tree? 🎄 this way, you can remember a special moment every time you read their name when you pass by... That time you traveled with your partner, the time you celebrated you best friend's birthday party, that time that you spent the whole day with your children 🥰


Send us 8 of your most special people's names and we will take it from there, If you don't have enough people, send us your favorite word or home value! 


  1. Material: Laser cut & engraved wood

  2. Shipping: This product ships 5 to 7 days from ordering.

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