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Angelito de Amparo, Maracaibo LED Ambient Lamp

Angelito de Amparo, Maracaibo LED Ambient Lamp

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Iconic Angelito de Amparo from Maracaibo

Traditionally only light up in Christmas

Give a little light to your home 🏡

Let the Angelito de Amparo light give personality to your space with your favorite character and make you company in the night, shining your way around the house or office and reminding you of your favorite moments with friends & family.


Thoughtful gift for your loved one 💗

A physical reminder of your moments with loved ones. By giving this Angelito de Amparo lamp as a gift, you are letting your person know that you are listening to what they like and you remembered them when you saw it. This way, they will always recall who gave them Angelito de Amparo as gift and smile for the surprise and joy of opening it that special day.


Scare away the dark 💡

We know that children are often scared of the dark, to be honest, we are too. With this Angelito de Amparo lamp, kids won't be afraid anymore to sleep alone, having their favorite character or team to accompany them, showing there is nothing to be afraid of.



  1. Material: Angelito de Amparo Laser engraved acrylic, plastic base.

  2. Size: Acrylic up to 8" tall and 5" wide.

  3. Smart Touch: Touch the on/off icon slightly to change the color of the light and keep it pressed for 3 seconds to turn off.

  4. Two power options: connect it with the USB cable provided or put on three AA batteries (not included). it has a life span to 10,000 hours. Power spend: 0.012kW.H/24 hours.

  5. Shipping: This product ships 5 to 7 days from ordering.
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