About Us

Love On Top offers the opportunity to be creative.

"Because we count with the technology to bring ideas to life"

We were born in Imperial Valley, California in 2019. A year before COVID-19 attacked the planet Earth.

From the iniciative of Virginia Manzano, a Mechanical Engineer with interest in 3D printing and an enteprenour father pushing his daughter to do so, AM Design was born as a branch of Alta Mar Corporation focused on design and 3D printing.

In need of marketing and design, she invited her sister Kimberley to help her in this field, and in need of manual work, her mother Edilia came in to glue the glittler perfectly.

After a while, new improvements came and “AM Design” wasn’t enough, so after a loooot of thinking, they came up with the new name “Love on Top”, representing the special detail we like to add to our gifts for the people we love.

Friends and Business Partners

Elena and Virginia joined forces in 2020. Both Engineers, Women and Fabulous. The perfect formula for success. 

Our Vision

We help all those who do not know what gift they could give on a birthday, Christmas, baptism or any special event.
This is why we focus on providing innovative and personalized gifts for your loved ones. In a fast-paced world where nothing surprises us, we specialize in creating eye-catching, high-quality products to create unforgettable memories.
The simple fact of placing the name of our loved one in a gift adds sentimental value that that person will always remember.
 Customization is our specialty and limited only be several materials like laser cutting in wood, acrylic, Chocolate and leather or 3D printing in PLA or ABS. And even that, the possibilities are endless.
We have products available in our platform
  • LED Lamps
  • Cake Toppers
  • Straw Toppers
  • Signs
  • Boxes
  • Tags
  • Engraved Bags and wallets
  • Keychains
  • Flower Boxes

Why Us?

We offer competitive prices in comparison, Completely custom products and designs,  and a wide variety of material options.

Our team will support and guide you through the design process, choosing the best  material according to your needs and selecting the manufacturing process that best fits for your product. 

Our approach is not only to support small businesses but to create a community of makers. So that anyone can dream and stop wishing their ideas would come true.  

That is why we consider ourselves as a custom gift shop to the world. Spreading happiness through ideas. 

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